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Flood prevention gate is installed in seashore. During the normal period, it is protected with gate frame and if there is any risk of flooding, it is operated manually or automatically to prevent overflow. It can prevents flooding by typhoon or tsunami.

· Convenient installation, hand/motor operated.
· Simple shape and consumes less electricity.
· No deformation (Box shaped gate structure).
· Remote control and monitoring system.

The curtain gate is protected inside the frame at normal times, and it is operated by the principle that the gate attached by the rack bar is transferred withwise along the guide roller and floor rail by rotating the sprocket of the spindle mannually, or on electricity, coming to block off water with water stop rubber, and water stop. When flooding, or inuncation by typhoon, or tidal waves is feared to occur, it’s desirable to provide for a disaster by operating the gate in advance.

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