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The Emergency floodgate blocking system manufactured by Dongin Co.,Ltd. prevents water pollution of discharge rivers in advance by urgently blocking the floodgate in the event of accident water(toxic matter, oil) occurrence; also, in the event of an emergency like power failure, etc., this gate makes it possible for air pressure to be supplied to the top part of the cylinder using the emergency-blocking vale operated by emergency power supply, and compressed oil pressure at the accumulator.

· In the event of power failure, or emergency blocking, it safely operates through the descent by the Accumulator’s supplementary pressure.
· It’s possible to regulate the descending speed of the gage according to the field condition, and it can prevent the damage and gap of a pipe conduit by the contraction phenomenon inside the pipe conduit , and the phenomenon of secession of the manhole cover.
· As the structure of the gate doesn’t descend by dead load, it’s possible to manufacture & operate it with light weight product such as non-metallic product.
· It’s possible to replace the gate and driving part even in case of the existing facilities, making it easier to do maintenance.
· By virtue of lightening of the gate, it’s possible to operate it statically and elaborately in the event of its operation.
· It’s possible to regulate the inflow rate and to operate it in the field and control room as well.

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